G-WAVE 120

最新WINNING G-WAVE乒乓膠皮系列,分120 (超黏60˚ 藍海綿)、80 (中黏50˚ 黑海綿)、60 (低黏45˚ 紅海綿),海綿內已注入膨脹配方,現已全面上市。影片展示為超黏的120藍綿,給你絕勁拉衝的震撼!

The latest WINNING G-WAVE pimple-in rubber series, divided into 120 (super sticky 60˚ blue sponge), 80 (medium sticky 50˚ black sponge), 60 (low sticky 45˚ red sponge), formulated with pre-boosted sponge, is now on the market. The video shows our super sticky blue sponge of G-WAVE 120. It may give you the real shock of loop and attack!

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