Dear Valued Customers... 致尊貴的客戶...

A big website change happened... The purpose of this big alteration is to enhance our quality services, provide updated information, and input new elements. Since our new website launched a couple of weeks ago, we having been receiving lots of feedback which include product price, orders, table tennis training related information, and valuable comments. We take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and will be very much delighted to receiving your valued suggestion from time to time.

一大網頁改動發生了... 這次大改革的目的是為了優化服務素質,提供更新資訊,及增加網頁之新元素。自新網頁於7月中推出至今,我們收到不少查詢及意見,當中包括產品價格查詢,下訂單,乒乓球訓練的查詢,及寶貴的客戶意見。萬達體育謹此感謝各界的支持,我們會繼續優化服務並樂意時常收到您們的寶貴意見。

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